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Your Brain on Music

Music is very basic and intrinsic to human societies. We can see its interconnection with various cultures throughout history. There…
two kids making happy and sad faces

What Does Your Face Say?

Face Value  Since the early 6th century BCE face reading has been used in Asia to analyze a person’s character,…
Ilchi Lee's wife

My Wife


Ilchi Lee expresses his appreciation for his wife, who has supported him and worked by his side.

What's in Your Sacred Space?

Sacred Space   A Sacred Space of Ilchi Lee Ilchi Lee’s Sacred Space Your space can reveal a lot about…
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Hope Message: Hope for the Earth

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The most important ingredient for creating the world our hearts crave is hope. We must first have hope before we can do anything. We must believe sincerely and wholeheartedly that a world of peace and harmony with nature is possible. Then through hard work, a good strategy, and sincere diligence, we can mold such a world together.