Conquer Your Thoughts

You cannot conquer your thoughts with thoughts.

You don’t want to waste energy with an endless train of idle thoughts, each one chased immediately by another.

There are two effective ways to conquer a racing mind.

Try shaking your head slowly from side to side. Brain Wave Vibration is the best way to quiet the waves of thoughts rushing through your head. If you keep shaking your head for 3 minutes, before you know it, your thoughts will subside, and you’ll be breathing more comfortably, easily, deeply.

Try getting up and walking. Focus on the yongchun points in the soles of your feet. Walk confidently with the Jangsaeng Walking method.

It won’t be long before all the mental chatter of the thoughts in your head drops right down to the bottom of your feet and your mind feels clear and refreshed, as though the azure sky were nestled there.

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