Love and Soshik

The practice of soshik,
the Korean term for
“eating small portions,”
is an expression of love
toward yourself.

Soshik affords rest
for your body and mind.
Soshik purifies
your body, mind, and spirit.
Soshik offers the gift
of a clear body and a clear spirit.

The practice of soshik
is an expression of love
for other people.
Through soshik,
you feel the value of life.
Through soshik,
you develop generosity of spirit.

If you can share a meal,
you have the ability to save a life.
The practice of soshik
is an expression of love
toward the earth.
Consuming smaller portions
reduces food waste,
decreasing the volume of trash.
It reduces the pollutants that are discarded
into the oceans or buried underground.

Soshik affords the earth
a chance for self-renewal,
allows the earth a chance to breathe.
Eating less based on this kind of philosophy
is a shortcut to putting into practice
true love for humans and love for the earth.


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  • Seuseungnim, Thank you for this post. Last night I served 10 people with a single small roast, 5 potatoes, a 1/2 pound of carrots, and 1 pint of field peas. As I served, I though that I did not have enough and felt some discomfort over it. At the end of the meal everyone commented how satisfied they felt without being uncomfortable and with enough room to enjoy the home made ice cream one of the guests had brought. I can’t remember the last time there was so much joy at my dinner table and so little pain afterwards! Your words are the truth and when I follow, I can be truly happy. Kamsahapnida!


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