How to Change Your Body

There is an easy way to change your physical constitution. Just create Water Up, Fire Down (Su Seung Hwa Gang) energy circulation in your body. If you make your lower belly warm and keep your head cool, your constitution will change.

The easiest way to make Water Up Fire Down is by clapping your hands and stomping your feet with all your might, as though there were a tiger chasing you down, and laughing with gusto all the while, as if it were your last chance.

Clapping your hands opens your chest, makes your body warm, and lifts your spirits. Stomping your feet vibrates and strengthens your knees, ankles, hip joints, and lower back, as well as fortifying your dahnjon.

Practice clapping your hands and stomping your feet as you laugh and shout for just 20 seconds at a time, three times a day, with all your energy. By investing just one minute a day, you can change your body.

Compared to the effort required, the payoff is great: this is a simple, sure-fire way to get your life on the fast track to change.

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