Each Day Is a Product of Your Own Making

In the morning, you prepare for your day.
That day can become gold;
it can become silver;
it can become copper;
and it can become lead.

At the end of the day,
if you didn’t do anything
except wallow in your problems,
the day was like lead.
If there was some productivity,
but not as much as you wanted,
the day was like copper.
If you worked hard
and came up with some decent results,
the day was like silver.
If you like what happened today
and had good results,
but you also found great hope
through the day,
the day you spent was golden.

Gold. Silver. Copper. Lead.
Make a note in your calendar each day.
Ask yourself, What kind of day did I have today?
You can create your own record of evaluation for your life.
You can look to the future for yourself.

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