The Rhythm of the Land

People are influenced a lot by their environment. Have you noticed that many people who live in the same region have a similar texture to their energy? And that texture typically resonates with the texture of the land.

People from mountainous regions tend to be independent and strong, just like the mountains they live near. Those who live in the desert are bright and simple, much like the natural conditions of the open expanse of desert land. And those who live near the ocean flow with a sense of ease that the unencumbered and vast waters communicate. Each landscape on the earth is a gift expressing the different aspects of our mother earth’s personality, and depending on where we stand we receive the articulation of her love specific to that region.

If you are mindful of the characteristics of the land that you live on, and you are open to receive the gifts specific to that land, you can harness this energy and use it to grow those characteristics within yourself. If you feel drawn to move to another region, it may be because you seek to develop that characteristic within yourself, knowing intuitively that you can use the momentum of the environment to move you in the direction that you want to grow.

By taking time to connect with the resonant energy of the land that you live on, you can find endless inspiration. As you are walking, sitting, or meditating, quietly introduce yourself and ask the land if it will allow you to feel its essence. Create a moment of open space to receive without expectation. Creating that still space is important, if you have expectations or try pull from the land what you need, you can interrupt the flow of energy. The earth is constantly communicating with you, but her voice is soft. You must listen carefully. If you open your heart to the gifts of the earth, she will teach you how to love with the might of the mountain and the softness of the breeze. She will imbue you with the power to leave a trail of flowers in the hearts of those that you meet.

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  • Thank you, SSN. Yes, as you say, “endless inspiration”. The natural world all around me is so inspiring. I have my definite favorite places, environments and times but actually I always find the extraordinary in nature. I will listen carefully and keep my heart open to the infinite gifts of the earth. Kamsahamnida!

  • Lloyd Nerenberg
    March 9, 2013 8:52 am

    I live in the magical energy of the Rocky Mountains.The rustic beauty and majestry of Colorado makes me thankful to be an earth citizen.From the first moment that I saw the beauty and the unforgiving challenges of the mountains it stirred my soul. I didn’t know of chunjikyun or much about my soul at that time yet I could sense there was more than meets the eye. I feel lucky to live in such a beautiful area.Hiking in the mountains is mystical and helps me to connect with my soul and feel fortunate to be alive.

  • It is great inspiration. I will connect to to the earth and communicate the energy of the earth. Thank you.


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