Why Do I Live?

Regardless of who you are
or what you have gained
throughout your life,
you must set it all down at some point.
You must discard it and let it go.
But you must know the purpose
of letting go.
That’s what matters.

In order to properly let things go,
you must always ask yourself:
“Why do I live?”
“What standards do I live by?”
As you keep asking yourself the question,
“Why do I live?”
you find your own answer.
Through this answer,
you can know yourself.

The immediate answer that comes to mind is false.
The genuine answer is one
that won’t change
a year from now or ten years from now.
An answer that comes out of
just thinking in your head
can change.
Only the answer that comes from your true self
is unchanging.

Why do I live?
It’s a question to ask yourself your entire life.
If you always ask yourself,
“Why do I live?”
throughout your life,
you will discover what to throw away and what to attain.

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