Change Documentary Film Premiere

Last Tuesday, April 16, 2013, 243 people gathered at the Sedona Creative Life Center for a red carpet premiere of the documentary film Change: The LifeParticle Effect, for which Ilchi Lee was the inspiration and executive producer. The event was hosted and organized by the Sedona Meditation Center, a non-profit in Sedona, Arizona that teaches the many meditation methods developed by Ilchi Lee. The free, semi-formal event included a catered reception, a photo zone for professional pictures, the film screening, and a talk by Ilchi Lee on personal and planetary change. Producer co-director Eunjin Lim and co-director Edwin Kim were in attendance, with Edwin making a short speech beforehand. Many of the film’s crew and stars also attended.

The event was a mixture of celebration and inspiration. As one attendee, Lorrie Lawrence, expressed, “Being here at this event was a great opportunity to listen to the message Ilchi Lee is giving to the world for us to all help each other and learn how to use our energy and the energy that is all around us to create change in our lives and the world.”

The simplicity of the message of the film and the talk was evident: We are all made of LifeParticles. LifeParticles are consciousness and energy; at the same time, LifeParticles are brought together, moved, and pulled apart by consciousness to form what we wish. We all inherently have the power to foster change if we can clear out thoughts and emotions that inhibit our brain power and put enough energy into what we want through focus and action. When we clear our brains, we reach a point of zero, a state of balance in which we can see reality as it really is and make choices unencumbered by our past baggage. LifeParticle Meditation and meditation with magnets enable us to achieve balance and clarity and send energy for a new reality for ourselves, for society, and for the planet. During the talk, the audience was able to taste this by experiencing their own energy through feeling the energy between two small but strong magnets given to them by Ilchi Lee.

“I really enjoyed the simplicity of the message,” commented emcee Gaetano Frankel, “and how it was delivered with such sincerity, honesty, and clarity where it’s the message of being that zero point where you’re just in balance. Mainly that, I enjoyed that a lot. So that was very inspiring. And how that can inspire change, by that zero balance.”

His wife Erika DeCoronado was “so overjoyed by this concept and belief system that needs to be shared with the whole world because it’s such an important message, so important for all humanity. And I feel it’s going to really spread because we’re coming together in this oneness. It’s just so beautiful. . . . It’s just really magnificent, just to come together, in this room, . . . and share this same belief system. It’s very powerful, and this can spread like a domino effect. So it’s very touching, inspirational.”

Dawn Quaresima, manager of the East Meadow, New York Dahn Yoga Center, couldn’t “wait to share it with [her] members back in New York.” She thought the film took “many of the principles that we’ve been sharing . . . and put them together in such a clear, scientific way. Everybody I think can digest this, understand it, and connect to it.” Overall she thought the event was a “wonderful time spent to connect to yourself and reflect on where you are in your life and what you want to change. And being able to be here with Ilchi Lee is so spectacular and precious, to hear where he came from and how this all came about; it’s truly inspiring and it makes each of us feel anything is possible if we choose it.”

The film premiere was the first of a national tour hosted by Dahn Yoga & Health, Inc. and Body + Brain Holistic Yoga that will go on from May to July this year. The tour is part of a larger Change Project, which also includes two companion books and a website. Change: The LifeParticle Effect will be available on DVD and Blu-ray in May 2013.

The scope and purpose of the Change Project will evolve as new people and ideas are added to the mix. While many offer solutions to make change easier and better, an understanding of the role energy plays in the process of change distinguishes this project from other endeavors. Many people become frustrated because they cannot bridge the gap between their thoughts and their experiences. However, the Change Project believes that if we understand energy is in play between these two, and learn how to use it, creating changes will become easier and more enjoyable.

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