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Time to Be an Earth Human

Earth Human I have come to the earth. I have come to the earth, for I love the earth. As…
child smelling tall sunflower

Heaven’s Postman

Tao masters have often said they see Heavenly Energy. They see the stars, they watch the moon, they feel the…
young man and woman in a field of sunflowers

The Rhythm of the Land


People are influenced a lot by their environment. Have you noticed that many people who live in the same region have a similar texture to their energy? And that texture typically resonates with the texture of the land.

woman looking down into valley in Sedona, AZ

Is Sedona Calling You?

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Sedona provides two things. Sedona doesn’t only give you a dream; it can also give you the energy to help that dream become a reality.

The Call of Sedona cover

Thank You for Your Questions About The Call of Sedona (Part 1)

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A teacher from a North Las Vegas high school who read my book, The Call of Sedona: Journey of the Heart, introduced it to the seniors in her World Literature classes. They discussed the book, and then the students emailed their impressions to me through and

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The Most Important Message

The main message I try to spread is that each of us has a great and holy soul inside—a part…
Sedona's red rocks

Sedona Message


Hear Ilchi Lee’s poem, “Sedona Message,” and discover Sedona’s dream for us all.

Ilchi Lee playing a flute in Sedona

Thank You for Coming

I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who participated in the book launch and signing event last Saturday…