Sedona Message

Hear Ilchi Lee’s poem, “Sedona Message,” and discover Sedona’s dream for us all. Read here by Shondra Jepperson and set to beautiful Sedona scenery, this poem can also be found in Ilchi Lee’s book The Call of Sedona: Journey of the Heart.

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  • Thank you, I find the message very helpful and inspirational.

    • Thank You from deep in my heart and tears… I’m coming back to visit you again Sedona. Actually you are always so close in me..

  • It is really beautiful. I was connected `Mago’ – Mother earth spritually. And I listened her message in my heart through the Chunhwa Suhaeng at Sedona and Korea. Thank you so much!

  • I love Mago garden, it’s natural serene aliveness! Thank you for sharing this space, beauty and message..Thank you Ilchi Lee, you have joyfully INSPIRED me to be my greatest empowered human!

  • Simply beautiful!


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