The Power of Meditation Rocks Chicago

On November 20th, 2011 the first Power of Meditation workshop was held at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center with close to 1000 people in attendance.

Hosted by the Chicago Dahn Yoga & Health Centers, the event began with a ChunBuShinGong demonstration by local Dahn Yoga instructors and students. ChunBuShinGong is a special kigong form with one movement for every character of the ancient text, the Chun Bu Kyung. The flowing yet powerful form brought a unified energy to the event hall, deeply moving the audience.

Power of Meditation ChunBuShimGong Performance

This demonstration was followed by a performance by Chicago’s Power Drumming Team. As the throbbing and dynamic sounds of traditional Korean drums filled the hall, cheers erupted from the audience. Next a touching rendition of “Nella Fantasia” sung by Kaori Williams, a talented soprano, calmed and gathered the audiences’ minds.

Power of Meditation Drumming Performance

Power of Meditation Soprano Performance

Finally Ilchi Lee shared his wisdom and insight. He opened his lecture with a video clip depicting the power of breathing and meditation. Then he led the audience in feeling energy in their hands with simple motions and concentration. This jigam exercise was followed by energy dancing (dahnmu) and Brain Wave Vibration. One member of the audience, Hana Marek from the Dahn Yoga Center in Libertyville, Illinois said, “My body heated up so fast and so well with Brain Wave Vibration that upon stopping the vibration,” she felt great surge of energy inside her. Experiences such as these let the audience feel a state beyond their five senses.

Power of Meditation Audience

Ilchi Lee described three powers all human beings possess: the power of self-healing, the power of insight, and the power of creation through the process of fusion. He emphasized that each of our brains have an unlimited capacity. However, we place limits on ourselves by taking our preconceptions as truth.

Ilchi Lee speaking at the Power of Meditation Event

Finally, Lee guided participants to receive LifeParticles, aiding them with the tinkling of a high-pitched bell and images from a LifeParticles video.

Through all of these experiences, the audience tasted the shift in consciousness needed to bring about an era of spiritual civilization. Ilchi Lee said this era will arrive when enough people choose this shift. Beginning with the Chicago area, the Power of Meditation tour will bring many people the simple tools of breathing and meditation they can use to raise their consciousness beyond their normal experience, and bring about a new era of peace and balanced living.

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  • I can’t believe the size of the audience! Thats amazing. I feel like the Power of Meditation will be a huge movement here in the states as well as overseas. Seuseungnim Gamsahamnida.

  • Wow . Thank you for good news!

  • I look forward to experiencing The Power of Meditation workshop! I will keep training so that I can participate in this consciousness shift. Thank you very much!

  • I feel so blessed and honored to be able to participate in this amazing and historical event! Thank you, Ilchi Lee, for coming here and being our guest speaker, a true Mover-and-Shaker of the shift we need to raise our consciouness together for true peace in this time.

  • Awesome Kamsamnida!

  • I cant wait til this comes to our city too! Please come to Texas!


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