Ilchi Lee and horse

Courage Despite Fear


From my experience of getting back on the horse that threw me and left be bedridden for a month, I realized that true courage isn’t about not being afraid, but about moving forward anyway in the face of certain fear. Fear cannot be conquered through thinking alone. Fear can be chased away only through action.

Time for Conscience

The Times Call for Conscience Conscience is the salt that prevents decay, Conscience is the sun that brightens the dark,…
sun over a grassy field

The Sun in the Shade


We all have positive and negative aspects we can use harmoniously to achieve a great dream for humanity. Let your inner sun shine through the emotions and desires that cover it.


Hong Ik Hope


This poem explores the deeper meaning of Hong Ik, one of Ilchi Lee’s core philosophies that comes from traditional Korean culture.

bright sun over buttes

Hope Message: Shine through Your Black Spots


When we disseminate the beauty of our innermost being sincerely and truthfully, we all can be bright lights that shine on everyone. Our bright light will give hope to the world.