Why Change

Anyone who looks around will notice that nature is always changing: Animals and plants grow and die. Mountains are built and eroded. Valleys are carved away. As part of nature, people are always learning, growing, and adjusting to their environment to some extent.

Ilchi Lee - nature is always changing

But why is it changing? There can be many answers to this. Through my own meditations and searching, I was able to experience the energy of the everlasting and omnipresent oneness or source of life. From this experience, I learned of its loving, limitless, and pure nature and realized that I and everyone else had this same nature at our core. This essence of life is constantly seeking to express itself in a multitude of ways, with those ways becoming ever more perfect and complete expressions of it. Our selves and the Earth we live on, the universe we are floating in, are beautiful expressions of Life, and as such, are also evolving into ever grander expressions of it. This is change. In a sense, we change because that is who we are.

While we are constantly changing in some way, we have control over the extent and direction of our change. I believe our nature is pushing us toward a happiness and level of fulfillment that we can only achieve when we are in complete alignment with the source of life. When our individual lives are out of alignment, we feel dissatisfied and unhappy, as if we were missing something important.

Have you ever felt this way? I did throughout my youth until I was about 30 years old; then I put my foot down. I decided I would find the answers to who I was and why I was alive no matter what. And I did. Then I could see the gap between what my true nature really wanted and what existed in reality. From that nature, I also discovered the power and ability to change reality.

While in each individual, that gap may be large or small, within the world at large, that gap seems to me to be a giant chasm. Because of our collective level of evolution and the systems and habits that have resulted from it, the Earth’s ecosystem is being pushed to the point of no recovery. Despite how much we’ve taken from the earth, more than a quarter of the world’s population is starving, with 25,000 people, including 15,000 children, dying of hunger every day. On the other hand, millions of others struggle with overweight and the diseases that result from it. In the global economy, a small fraction of the population holds the vast majority of wealth. This state of current affairs is not in alignment with oneness, happiness, or the fullest, most loving expression of life.

That’s why it’s time to take the reins of change. We can only get hold of them if we see ourselves clearly and know who we are and what we really want. If enough people could see their true nature and learn how to express and use the pure energy of Life, we can move the flow of global change toward the happiness and fulfillment we so deeply desire and intrinsically deserve.

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  • Thank you, Ilchi Lee, for this inspirational post. If there is one thing that doesn’t change, it will be the fact that everything changes.

  • Thank you for posting. This is very inspirational!

  • Seuseung nim, you explain the ultimate importance of being connected to our true nature. As we do this we can be true earth citizens & and stewards of the earth, reversing damage & and restoring the earth.


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