Chakra Problem Solving

Ilchi Lee energy chakrasOur bodies are composed of physical, energy, and spiritual bodies. You can master having a truly happy and peaceful life when your physical, energy, and spiritual bodies come together in harmony. To help you, you have seven precious gems: your chakras.

Chakras are central points for the interchange of energy flow in your body. Energy is at the root of body and mind.

Problems with the chakras translate into problems for the body, mind, and spirit. Illness in the body and problems in society begin with unbalanced and disharmonious energy flow.

By applying the principles of energy flow, and correcting areas of imbalance, all problems can be solved. When a chakra changes, energy changes, and when energy changes, personal transformation is achieved. Transformed people will transform society.

It’s not an overstatement to say that complete health begins and ends with your chakras.

When you know how to care for your chakras, you will know health, happiness, and peace, and you will know the truth of life and the universe.

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