You Are a Master Creator

There is a universal subconscious We can become aware of. It is the collective energy of all creation. It contains…
stick figure girl with heart on her shirt jumping with joy and happiness

A Formula for Happiness

When you eat delicious food, share your delight in its flavor. When you listen to beautiful music, express that beauty…
sunrise behind hills

Inner Light

As if it is there and yet not there, Visible and yet not visible, Sleeping and yet not sleeping, Like…
father and son

The Most Important Thing

Teach Your Children Well The most important thing In the education of children Is to help them understand why They…
ancient writing

A Dream Your Brain Could Fall in Love With


Between two incidents called birth and death, a multitude of events are squeezed in to create a major incident called life. No matter how smooth and stable a life without dreams may seem on the surface, it is like a boring obligation that must be endured. When you have a dream, life becomes a glorious event that is full of challenge and adventure. Let’s hold onto a magnificent dream that is worthy of our brains falling in love with it.

Girl holding the earth - Ilchi Lee's Prayer of Peace

Prayer of Peace

This “Prayer of Peace” was presented by Ilchi Lee at the United Nations Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and…
woman watching sunrise under a tree

The Essential Lifelong Question

A Lifelong Question Every person must let go Of everything in life. For not even a toothbrush Will accompany me…