A Video about Not Giving Up Your Dream

Why do some people succeed while others fail? This short animation highlights how people we accept as great successes faced failure time and again before they finally achieved their dream. What’s your dream? Do you believe in it enough that you will keep trying to achieve it no matter what?

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  • i’m in a big project now, but I have a lot of worry.
    But this gives me passion and my heart back again.
    I will make it. It will happen.
    Thank you IlChi Lee

  • if you believe it, it happen. success is get up one more time than fall down. why give up since your dream just in front of you.

  • This clip is great. It reminds me that my dream is most important. And that if I follow the dream till the end it will come true. This concept is the most important factor of my life. Thankyou for this moment of inspiration within heart and mind. I will treasure it until the end and our dreams will come true. I will be my best.

  • i am on a journey which fills me with excitement and anxieties, as my limits are being challenged. I expect that I will feel discomfort but will also be filled with joy. In the end, I will grow my soul, and nothing is more important than my soul – so onward! Thanks for this inspirational video as I embark on this journey! With CJKIN!

  • This is just what I need right now. Thank you for the wonderful video.


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