Are You Lonesome Tonight?

When You Feel Lonely


Loneliness is important.
It’s an opportunity to become enlightened.

When you feel lonely,
you should be alone so that you can feel even more lonely.
That’s when you can meet with yourself.

Do you know why you feel lonely?
You feel loneliness
because you have a soul.
If you didn’t have a soul,
you wouldn’t feel lonely.

Trees and rocks do not feel loneliness.
The moment you feel loneliness
is an opportunity to obtain enlightenment.

You must not allow entertainment
to deprive you of that time.
You must not lose that precious chance
to experience enlightenment.

Everything in the world changes.
Nothing lasts forever.
That’s why it is said to be futile.
When you understand transience
you can attain enlightenment.

Inside of loneliness
and inside of transience
there is the path to enlightenment.

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