Breathe Like a Baby

Ilchi-Lee_breathe-like-a-baby_20140415_newsletterEnlightenment comes from breathing.
Breathing is the beginning
and end of enlightenment,
and it is the beginning and end of life.

Breathing is the movement of life,
and the movement of the soul.
If you want to feel your soul,
become breath itself.

Experience it,
don’t understand it with your head.
The soul is experienced, not learned.
When you become breath itself,
your thinking ceases,
and your soul and your mind
become very pure.

Young children are breath itself.
Beginning from their mothers’ wombs,
they breathe from their navel,
and when they are born,
they breathe from their abdomen
as it gently moves up and down.

You were that way in the past,
but you may have forgotten it.
Many of us lost ourselves in our busy lives
and became mired in different feelings and desires
that constricted our breathing.
Our breathing moved into our chests,
our throats,
even up to our nose,
as our abdomen lay still.

With your breathing deep and slow,
powered by your abdomen,
immerse yourself in your breath.
Become breath itself!
That is the greatest form of meditation.

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