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A Love Poem for You

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Hongik Hongik is a beautiful poem, and humbleness. Hongik is infinite art and enlightenment. Hongik is love, faith, and gratitude.…
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My Thoughts on Recent Events

Recently, I’ve been hearing news about what’s happening in the United States. With massive social upheaval taking place there and…
sunrise over small hills in New Zealand

This Is Our Chance

It seems as if the Earth is taking a deep breath right now. The water and air have become cleaner;…
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Peace Is in the Brain

All human beings have a key allowing them to feel inner peace, empowering them to create peace in life and…
ship in a stormy ocean

Flow with the Great Wave of Life

Oftentimes, an ocean raging with rough waves and storms makes us afraid and uncomfortable. However, from the viewpoint of the…