This Is My Wish for Us All This Year

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Let’s choose to get bright together in 2022.

The new year has arrived. Right now, humankind is standing at a crossroads. We can easily veer toward rising or falling together. As the coronavirus pandemic, extreme weather patterns, and other disasters around the world have highlighted, the future of individuals, countries, and the earth are no longer separate. They’ve exposed the weaknesses of the current systems, which do not allow all of humanity and the earth to thrive.

Yet in the midst of insecurity and change, people have retreated further into their comfortable boxes. We cling to ideologies like conservative and liberal or capitalism and communism. We fight over the labels our egoic selves have dressed us up in and over whose pain is worse. But this kind of compartmentation and separation can only lead to opposition and conflict. It can’t solve the issues we all face.

I’d like to suggest that we do the opposite, then, not only for the sake of humanity’s future, but for the sake of our individual futures as well.

The ability to see the truth clearly with an enlightened consciousness comes when we step outside our boxes and refrain from confining our minds to one time and place. Share on X

The ability to see the truth clearly with an enlightened consciousness comes when we step outside our boxes and refrain from confining our minds to one time and place. Then we can realize the interrelatedness of all things and discover new solutions for problems both big and small. Newsletter signup banner

A Brighter Way of Being

That’s why I hope we can all choose to “get bright.” As I’ve talked about before, getting bright means making our bodies healthy and becoming emotionally mature. Yet at the same time, it’s becoming aware of and growing the pure bright energy inside us. This is the bright energy of our individual selves in our hearts (our true selves or our souls) as well as the bright energy in our brains that’s a piece of the divine energy of the universe.

When these energies meet and get brighter and stronger, how we see the world will change completely. We’ll understand what’s good for both me and you and cooperate with one another so that what we do is mutually beneficial. We’ll be able to recognize and respect the bright light in each other and help each other keep it strong.

Knowing this light, we can develop new systems that support it—sustainable systems working together harmoniously that protect all life. I call this level of cooperation Earth Management, and I call people who engage in it Earth Citizens.

I hope this year, 2022, we can all get bright and live the life of an Earth Citizen and create a new culture for all.

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