Dr. Emeran Mayer Calls Belly Button Healing a Simple Way to Take Advantage of the Gut’s Importance

Ilchi Lee posing with his book with Dr. Emeran Mayer and his book

After participating in the Healthy Gut Happy Brain workshop with Ilchi Lee and witnessing his work to empower people to be healthy naturally, Emeran Mayer, MD, author of The Mind-Gut Connection, wrote this about Lee’s new book and body-mind training method, Belly Button Healing:

“Ilchi Lee is a visionary and best selling author, whose work has focused on teaching about the importance of the brain for reaching one’s full potential, optimal health of the individual and of our planet. His latest book Belly Button Healing is based on the new appreciation of the brain gut micro biome axis in Western science, while at the same time connecting to ancient wisdoms about the energy centers in our bodies, the meridians and chakras. There has been an exponential growth in scientific interest in brain-gut interactions, and the special role that trillions of microbes living in our intestines have in these interactions. Alterations in the brain-gut micro biome dialogue have been implicated in many chronic disorders, from irritable bowel syndrome, to obesity, autism spectrum disorders, and Parkinson’s. Recent studies have also demonstrated that this communication may be altered in anxiety disorders and depression.

In his book, Ilchi Lee elegantly describes the importance of healthy brain-gut interactions not only for our overall wellbeing, stress relief, and relaxation, but also for pain relief, increased circulation of the viscera, improved digestive function and many other body functions. He also gives practical instructions to use the belly button to activate the energy flow from the digestive system to the brain and the rest of the body. These simple exercises include self massage of the belly button area, partner massage of the area, abdominal breathing focused on the belly button, and direct mechanical stimulation of the area with a special “wand.” The combination of becoming mindful of the abdomen, engaging it with abdominal breathing, and targeted mechanical stimulation is a simple way to activate this vital energy center within our body and take advantage of the important role this system has in our health and wellbeing.”

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