How Easily Do You Start Something?

Man running at sunset“How shall I begin?”
Do you let time flow by
before you begin,
pondering and worrying?

If you have good intentions
and want to create goodness,
just do it.
Once you begin,
your brain will start to work
and it will figure out the rest.

It is a habit to act only after learning.
Coming into this world
from your mother’s womb
does not require learning a skill
but is as nature intended.
The earth did not need to be wound up
to rotate and revolve for billions of years.

“Just do it”
is nature’s way.
This truth was forgotten,
and we have acted and depended upon artificial knowledge,
bringing conflict and chaos into the world.

A habit of just doing it
clears away confusion and doubt,
and brings the wisdom of the universe to you.

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