Meditation to Discover the Bird of Your Soul

Do you want to have a vivid, visceral and visual sense of your soul? Many people search for their soul—the everlasting part of themselves that animates their bodies. It’s the purest energy of life, the center, and the true self.

If your soul has remained elusive, if you feel lost and lack passion for your life, try this simple visualization to meet your soul as a bird and set it free.

Bird of the Soul in the HandFirst, relax your body and stimulate its energy flow with vibration. Raise your left and and try shaking your body. Then raise your right hand as well. Shake for a few minutes until you feel calmer and clearer.

After you stop shaking, focus on your hands and try to feel the energy there. You might feel it as tingling, heaviness, stickiness, pulsing, heat, or cold.

Sit or stand with your spine straight and raise your left hand to chest height with your palm facing upward. Close your eyes, and feel the energy in your left hand.

Visualize a green-colored plant sprouting from the center of your left palm. As the plant grows, a flower bud develops and that flower bud grows larger. Suddenly, a very beautiful rose blooms. Notice the color of your rose. If you feel it and continue to concentrate on it, the rose will gradually grow more distinct in your mind. Give the rose energy with your focus.

Now the flower changes into a beautiful bird. Notice the shape and color of the bird as it flaps its wings and flies off your hand. Imagine energy from your right palm feeding the bird and making it stronger.

See the bird returning to your left palm and pet the bird with your right hand with energy. Lovingly caress your bird. Tell the bird of your soul that you love it, either out loud or in your mind. Commune with your bird.

Then inhale and exhale.

Now the bird of your soul becomes pure energy and enters your heart. Cover the center of your chest, over your heart chakra, with both hands, one over the other. Feel the love inside your chest. Breathe comfortably like this for a few minutes, keeping your focus inside.

You can commune with your soul with this meditation whenever you want. From now on, the bird of your soul will come out through your left hand whenever you call it.

When you return to your soul, you return to a peaceful world in which you can rest. It’s a world where you love yourself, and therefore can love others. True love and repose is found in your heart and mind, not in your external environment. When your consciousness unites with your soul, it also becomes bright and positive, allowing you to create a beautiful future.

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