Poem: Ode to Mother Earth

In honor of Earth Day, I would like to share a poem with you that I originally published in my book, Mago’s Dream: Meeting with the Soul of the Earth.

Mother Earth, Mago
I have realized today
That I am an Earth-Human
Precious part of life’s grandeur
Existing on Earth
Belonging to Earth
Nurtured by Earth
Fed by the Earth
Sleeping on Earth
Feeling . . . the Earth
In my bones and blood
As I breathe with Earth

Mother Earth, Mago
I have realized today
I shall return to the Earth someday
For my body is yours
My soul is yours
My everything . . . is yours
Nothing that is mine is truly mine
But borrowed
During my time on Earth
My loved ones
Are also Earth-Humans

All feared ones
Of every race, religion, and nation
Are also Earth-Humans
Family that shares the same bed
Eats from the same table
Demanding respect
Forged from family ties
Ties that bind us . . . to all life on Earth
For peace on Earth
For peace within myself
For peace I shall live

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