Poem: The New Human Look

New Human Look

This poem came to me as I meditated many years ago. I was recently reminded of it and wanted to share it again. It’s a picture of an ideal human, a human who can create a beautiful life and a beautiful world. What is your picture of a New Human Look?

With a face that does not lose its rapturous delight and smile
With arms elegant as a crane
With a heart that is euphoric as a dragon holding a mystical pearl in its mouth
With legs strong and sturdy as a crane
With a back intrepid as a tiger
And a neck that looks as graceful as a deer
Your gaze pierces through the distant, vast expanse

With such beautiful eyes that envision an ideal and a dream
Your head radiates luminous wisdom
Your demeanor is that of a crane flying through the clouds
Your heart is on fire like the heart of a lion

Your hands are beautiful hands
That heal the pain and suffering of the people of the world

Your feet are like the hooves of a swift steed
That does not tire even from racing a thousand miles
In your heart, you cherish a higher cause, and your gaze is fixed on the vision

Your face is brimming with ease and confidence
As your whole body surges with powerful strength.

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