Put Your Worries Down in Flowing Water

I’ve discovered many beautiful rivers and streams as I’ve explored the nature of New Zealand. I would like to send you the flowing energy of this pure New Zealand stream. Put all of your worries down in it, and let them drift away.

If you let go of the negative habits and emotions in your heart, they will just wash away, because everything is created by the mind.

If you use flowing water to release what you have, then there’s no difficulty. Put some object down in stagnant water, though, and it stays in place.

It is you who can choose between stagnant energy and flowing energy. Everything is up to you. It’s a limitation to think that you don’t have a choice, that the habits and emotions you have now are who you are.

Everything will be resolved if you choose flowing energy. Trying hard to force something, to pull it out, can make things difficult for you. If you make good use of the laws of nature, if you make good use of energy, you can accomplish things that would not have been possible even with years of effort.

Human life is about living in harmony with the laws of nature, realizing humanity’s true value, and contributing somehow to the world, until our time comes to return to nature like a river reaches the ocean.

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  • Beautiful and so true. Amazing something so simple is so hard to discover. Once we discover it, reaching it is a challenge, but with the right mindset and lots of encouragement, it is possible. I am grateful that I am becoming one with nature again.

  • Michelle Gavin
    May 1, 2020 9:22 am

    Thank you for this water meditation! I woke up this morning full of busy thoughts, regrets, disappointments, and uncertainty. As soon as I heard the sound of the waterfall, I visualized letting everything melt away… and it did. I’m glad I choose to read this message and play that video. I will keep making good choices for myself today so I can Flow better 🙂


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