Success and Value Lie in Good Character

Ilchi-Lee_develop-character_20140506_newsletterEveryone has good character within them. The question is, have you discovered and remained true to that character?

When you express your good character, you can get respect wherever you go, and you can be successful, regardless of your academic background. Developing your character is the way to develop a constitution for success.

That success is not the kind that’s for you alone; it is success that is for your spiritual growth. That kind of success helps other humans and helps the earth because character and soul are the same. As we develop our character, the light of our soul becomes brighter and bigger and makes the everything around us brighter as well.

That is why the earth wants us here, living within its energy field. Human beings are unique among other life forms on earth because we have character. A person’s genuine value is found in his or her good character.

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