The Breath of Life

All life begins with breath. Without life, neither happiness, nor peace, nor love can exist. If you were to give a simple depiction of the phenomenon of life, it would be the breath.

When you breathe in and breathe out, one breath ends, and with it, one life ends. Even in a single day, you breathe so many inhalations and exhalations that you could hardly count them. We exist through our inhalations and exhalations. If we had to remember to control our breath, or do it consciously, we wouldn’t even be able to sleep. Breathing is something that just happens.

Life is beautiful, noble, and wondrous. The phenomenon of life is the greatest blessing received from the Creator. The same is true for the life you live. We keep growing and developing, and then we gradually age. The beginning and end aren’t two separate things; they’re one and the same. There is a countless repetition of beginnings and endings.

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