The Waves Are Not the Ocean (Part 2 of 2)

Many people are unable to separate their emotions from their selves, and they live as though they are attendants escorting their emotions about. But emotions are only like guests who will eventually leave, guests who are constantly coming and going. That’s why you shouldn’t try to find true happiness in your emotions.

Because emotions are like waves, they will move in whichever direction the water ripples; how would anyone be able to hold onto those emotions? Try as you might, it’s impossible to surround your life only with positive emotions. This is something that even no hero, no matter how high in your esteem, could possibly do.

Inside of you is a brilliant diamond that is covered up by the emotions and selfish desires of your ego. You have to discover that true mind, so that instead of being enslaved by your emotions and selfish desires, you can have mastery over them.

People who have ever been stuck in an awful emotion and unable to find their way out will know—while you’re there inside of that emotion, you can’t hear or see clearly. You don’t realize that you let yourself be tied down by something so small until you come out of that emotion and look back at it. It’s as though your eyes were covered by a leaf that had fallen in the wind; it’s as though that one leaf had blocked your entire world.

When you’re caught up in an emotion, it doesn’t help very much to try to analyze it. It’s also unwise to attempt to wrestle with the emotion all night and defeat it with your thoughts. At times like that, it’s a good idea to move your body. Walking around the house, going hiking, or running or exercising until you break a sweat, for example, or quieting your mind with meditation or deep breathing is effective.

When you’re sure about the purpose of your life, and when you have a great spirit that sustains it, the chances of getting stuck in emotions are reduced. Nobody escapes being pestered by all sorts of thoughts or emotions that wear you down. In a way, they’re also proof that we’re alive, that we exist. But very big dilemmas have a way of making smaller ones disappear. When you have a greater, nobler spirit, it’s easier to conquer petty emotions.

A great round tree with sturdy roots accepts the rain when it falls, the wind when it blows, and the snow when it’s snowing—it takes them as they come. At times, the leaves of that tree may be injured by bugs or its branches may break in a fierce storm. But because the tree has its strong roots, when the time comes, lovely flowers will bloom and delectable fruit will grow.

What is the big thing in your life that wins over the small things? What is equivalent to the roots that holds up your life? It’s worth giving some careful thought.

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  • I will practice diligently not following my emotions.

  • Thank you!!! Just what I needed to hear today.

  • Thank you Ilchi Lee! I have been working on my emotions for a long time. I have come to realize that my habit has been to hold onto emotions (clouds). I feel that I now have firmer roots in my vision, and am able to deal with emotions as they come without “obsessing” recognizing that they are there, learning and letting go. I will continue to grow my tree with strong roots so I can watch the flowers bloom!

  • Thank you Ilchi Lee, kamsahamnida! Vision is my anchor.

  • A giant MAHALO for a well-timed message! My brain is savoring each word. Thank you so much! I must put energy into growing my roots strong. Hong Ik In Gan, Ee Wha Sae Gae, I love you.

  • Thankyou so much Ilchi Lee,
    Yes , some times i let the emotions take over my life , but i am going to be like the tree take them as they come , for they are ” only emotions” i will focus in my dream.

  • I had the awakening to the thoughs and emotions as waves on the ocean about a month ago. Its so interesting to see that same example here. But as always you have expanded upon it so well. Thank you so very much for your wisdom.

  • Sholeh Gharib
    June 14, 2011 9:30 am

    Next time I am happy or sad, I will remember that they are just waves, will pass by, practicing to watch your emotions is not an easy task but rewarding when you are able to do it, learn from trees . I remember that thank you

  • My dreams are the anchors that hold me to my roots. My soul’s true path and purpose in this life are what keep me frow swaying in the wind. Ilchi Lee, your messages are always inspirational and wise. THank you.

  • What beautiful symbolism. The picture of the tree is astonishing, especially when I have a similar picture on my phone. I took it one day last June when I had recently started running. I saw the trees and had to spot. I realized that I needed to be like them grounded. I am glad I took that picture and have grown spiritually since last year. Thank you.

  • I know exactly what you mean by being pestered by my own emotions – I feel desperate to get out of there as quckly as possible. I focus on something productive and beneficial, and they naturally go away. Principles always work, I just need to remember to apply them! ^__^


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