Time for Humanity to Awaken

Mixed group of people holding hands in a field.

I dream of a world where all are equal, with no one high or low, where the value of each and every person is respected. It’s the world of Earth Citizens.

For this world to come forth, a new system integrating everything is needed. Many people know that we need some kind of new system, but they don’t know what it is.

I think creating such a system begins with individuals. The souls of individuals must awaken. This is not about receiving teachings from someone or being pulled along a path created by someone else.

Long-standing institutions have been dragging people towards certain, established goals. But they have now reached their limits. The global environment has been severely damaged and is getting worse, and human value is being lost. Under the current system, many may wonder, “I don’t know what my values are. Are they money? Prestige?” And they’re wondering what values are being pursued by countries, companies, and religions.

Values that involve mutual confrontation and conflict are imperfect. Values that are about mutual respect and harmony are the values of nature. When we look at nature, we find countless trees and plants living together. There are no borders in nature. It’s humans and countries that have created boundaries. The earth didn’t divide us; humans fight with each other over borders they established.

But who is the master of the earth? Who is the master of nature? We have to ask this question. The master of nature is neither a person, nor a country, nor an institution. Nature existed before human beings and before countries. The master of nature is nature itself!

I feel we must know the value of nature and submit to nature. We need to respect nature. Why? Because everything we are or have came from nature. That truth, though, has not been realized in our lives, which is why the meaning of earth citizenship is important.

If each of us wakes up to a spirit of mutual respect and love for each other and the earth, if we recognize that we are nature and come from nature, if we realize our true value, shining like a star, then humanity itself can transcend the age of confrontation and division to unite as one. Politics, religion, education, and economics will become art that we can create freely to manage the earth for the benefit of all.

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