[Video] The Hidden Wisdom of Trees

I love spending time in nature. When I walk amid the trees, water, and sky, I feel connected to all life. I feel that I am part of nature, not separate from it.

Nature teaches me many lessons. Each tree and rock have an energy and message.

When we look at each individual tree, they appear to be an independent from each other. But, when we look under the ground, the roots that receive the nutrients and help the tree grow are connected. This means that they look independent, but they are actually connected as one.

Humans are the same. We seem separate from each other, but we too are connected as one. That is why we need to embrace and love one another.

This video gives you a chance to feel that oneness with nature and with other human beings. I hope it brings some light to your day.

We seem separate from each other, but like trees, we too are connected as one. Click To Tweet
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