Will You Choose Harmony?

Ilchi-Lee_harmony_20130806_enewsletterHuman beings are unique among the world’s creatures because of our ability to choose. We are not limited to predetermined instincts and behaviors. We can choose to be selfish or selfless in every moment.

Many of our current global problems may be rooted in the fact that we are choosing self-centered, individualistic modes of being. Too often, we limit our scope of compassion to ourselves and to our immediate family, only occasionally extending it to strangers in our community or nation.

It is only the rare individual who considers the wider, global implications of his or her day-to-day character. Many take their current lifestyles for granted and continue with them, even when they seem isolating and stressful. We have been living this way for many generations, so it seems like the most natural way of life, but it is not natural at all. In fact, it is anti-natural, disconnecting us from the rest of nature and from one another.

I propose we return to our natural selves. This requires only two simple changes in the way we view ourselves and the world:

1. We identify ourselves as Earth Citizens and hold that identity superior to any identity of nationality or ethnicity.

2. We redefine our professional and cultural lives to focus on the concept of Earth Management by finding ways to fulfill material needs while also honoring the Earth and our common humanity.

In what ways do your daily actions and attitudes support harmony?

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  • Sima saalabi
    June 11, 2022 5:44 pm

    I am master of my brain. I can creat harmony for my self and the earth by daily
    Love and respect for myself and others .
    Use my body to go deep and bring more peace and love .🙏🙏🙏👍


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