Your Brain on Music

Ichi Lee playing the fluteMusic is very basic and intrinsic to human societies. We can see its interconnection with various cultures throughout history. There is even evidence of prehistoric music, such as flutes carved from bones.

While we are all influenced by music, I am not sure that we pay enough attention to the significant power it has over the human brain. Studies have shown that music can alter the amplitude and frequency of the brain waves of an individual. This, in turn, affects the breathing rate, heart rate, blood pressure, and electrical resistance of the skin.

Sometime when you have a little bit time on your hands, try to really feel the effect that music has on our body and mind. Lie down, close your eyes, turn up the volume, and feel the effect of the music. Feel its vibrations rolling over the surface of your body and penetrating into your cells; notice the images and sensations it brings to your brain. Music has unparalleled power to open up your mind and heart, and help you ease the tension in your body.

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