Your First Love

There is a love that people forget easily—the love they have with themselves. They forget about this love and become concerned only about how much love they’re getting from other people.

People who love themselves don’t beg for love from others. They don’t get stuck in outward appearances and turn away from who they really are, their true being.

Loving yourself is treating your body and soul with dignity and respect and giving them all your sincere devotion. When you truly love yourself deeply, you develop the capacity to experience love with heaven.

As the love you have with yourself grows more profound, it becomes a connection with the universe. Because heaven is you, and earth is you, and you and I are all one, you discover that there are no limits to the object of your love.

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  • How can one truly love themselves?

    • Hi Steph,
      My take on this e-newsletter based on what I have heard and read Ilchi Lee say is that our true self is love itself. We already have love inside, but with the way the world works and the habits and belief systems we have, that love gets covered up easily.
      To uncover or discover that love, we have to remember a few things. The first thing is that our true self is more than our bodies, thoughts, or emotions. It’s beyond all of that. It’s the life force that’s in everything. We have to trust that it’s there and trust that it’s love in order to experience it.
      The second thing is that we have to keep letting go of the things that cover up our true self. Part of that is releasing stagnant energy and creating healthy Water Up Fire Down energy circulation in our body ( It also means remembering that everything changes and not to sweat the small stuff (or even the big stuff for that matter) ( Accept everything you have inside, even your dark spots. Embrace it and remember your pure essence is light and love (, Notice the good things about yourself. We all have them, even if they are difficult to see or admit.
      A third thing is that we have to pay attention to our true self. Take the time to breathe deeply, clear your chest, and listen to your heart. Hear what it says to you.
      And lastly (that I can think of right now), you need to have a goal or purpose that is for your growth as well as for the good of humanity and the earth. In the process of achieving that goal, you are bound to experience great love from inside you.
      If you’ve ever taken Dahn Yoga’s Shimsung workshop, that’s a surefire way of experiencing deep love. (
      I hope some of this was helpful for you.


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