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Ilchi Lee LectureA few weeks ago, I was on the lecture stage for the first time in my life in a Chinese-style shirt with a dragon embroidered on it and my hair in a ponytail. As soon as the audience looked at me, they shouted with surprise and curiosity. I started the lecture by saying to them, “The moment you saw me, my lecture both started and ended.” I wanted to deliver the importance of change. When the audience looked at me, everything was communicated.

You may have noticed a lot of changes recently, and may have felt that change and upheaval have become more dramatic. But actually, everything is always changing, and has always been changing. Change is ithe nature of life. It’s so natural that even our brains love change, if we allow it. They have a plasticity and flexibility that can adapt to shifts in our internal and external environment. While habits create well-worn neural pathways that are difficult to redirect and overcome, change makes our brains stronger and more creative so that they can stay sharp and productive.

That’s why instead of trying to compete with change, or being dragged along by it, we should actively accept change. But even more, we should become its master and act as an agent of change. Becoming the master of change is becoming the master of your brain. In order to lead change and become its master, the most important thing is to establish a core value, or absolute value, inside you. A core value is the most precious value that never changes in any circumstance and cannot be compared with other values.

On the other hand, our physical body changes with time, and our thoughts and emotions change from moment to moment like the many shapes of the clouds in the sky. Trends, money, fame, and power also change based on time and circumstance. Unlike these shifting relative values, absolute value is never seen nor heard, and cannot be evaluated by the five senses.

But in our heart, we can create and embrace and keep absolute value. A great cause that leads the world, our conscience burning brightly in our hearts, great action for love for humanity and the earth, and our soul and divinity, are all different words to express absolute value. However, the core is actually just one.

The ancient scripture, the Chun Bu Kyung, which talks about the principle of creation of the universe has the phrase in Korean, “Myo Yun Mahn Wang Mahn Rae Young Byun Bu Dong Bohn.” It translates to: “Wayless is the way. All comes and all goes. Features are changing, and changeless is the Maker.” That means that form can change, even 10,000 times, but its core, its essence never changes.

Leaders who create new positive changes in the world all have an absolute value alive in their heart. Because they are focused on an absolute core, they can overcome all of the obstacles and variables they face, and create change for the world and become masters of change.

What is your absolute value? It already resides in your brain. When you believe your brain can give you the answer and ask it sincerely, it will provide it for you. Find your core value and make it the beacon of your life.

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  • This is an awesome article! I am so happy that I have an absolute value. I really enjoyed this article. Thank you.

  • It is truly enlightening words and it makes my soul shining and smile.
    My soul is crying for joy after reading this.
    Thank you Ilchi Lee!

  • Thank you for inspiring me to change my brain.
    I believe in my absolute value and will become masters of change.
    Thank you for your sharing

  • This is the best photo of change It made me smile 🙂
    I am inspired by this post to change myself too
    Thank you for this refreshing piece

  • awesome 🙂

  • What a beautiful mind that you have. I will stand with you so that I shine to for others to shine. In other words thank you for your wisdom, which shines so that we all become brighter.

  • What a survivor this teacher is!!! In this world we constantly have to reinvent ourselves. Individuals, Corporations and even families.
    Change, Change, Change.
    Why not??

  • karen krueger
    October 9, 2010 4:49 am

    Thank you Ilch Lee. I believe and have hope for my soul.

  • I recently returned from the Korean ChunHwa Meditation Tour. As I look back on my experience, I went through a lot of changes and shifting. As I became more connected to my absolute value, then there would be a windstorm of thoughts and emotions, sometimes I would get caught up and feel disconnected and frustrated. But the times that I focused on my absolute value – I felt confident, stable and openhearted. So although the leaves are loudly rustling in the changing weather, it is always important to reconnect to the root.

  • I remember reading about these principles in college… thinking over and over about Tao and trying to apply it to my life. “All things change, but the source does not change”. How many tricks and illusions I created to satisfy myself that I was understanding! Now I see that compared to what I thought then, it is much more difficult to know and yet it must be much simpler than I ever imagined.

  • Anthony Schembri
    October 13, 2010 9:36 pm

    I am a silver member from bedford,and have read more than 10 of your books…Master SHAVON was my original mentor..It is very enlightening to read your emails, many THANKS ,Ilchi Lee…PS Special warm regards to HANNA a very special Master..Sincerely ANTHONY>>>

  • Thank you. This message about change really hits home for me because I am going through so many changes right now. I think you look really cool.


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