Five Tips for Nurturing Hope

Ilchi Lee Leadership and HopeI often encourage people to act as a leader in their own lives—to find their dream and never give up on it regardless of the obstacles and criticism they face. Although taking on a leadership role brings many trials, it also brings great joy and happiness.

In order to be a leader, you need a steady source of hope. That source comes from your true nature. So to find hope, look inside yourself. Feel a sense of hope in your essence and hold onto it. Gather it little by little until it shines brightly in the darkness.

Here are a few things you can do to keep your hope strong and bright:

1. Develop a clear head, open heart, and strong core with exercises such as Brain Wave Vibration, Jungchoong Breathing (abdominal breathing in different energy accumulation and circulation postures), and Kigong. They will bring out your true nature and give you the action power to follow your dream.

2. Break through your habits and limitations. One by one, find the things that cover up your true nature and keep you from your dream, and then create new habits to override them.

3. Don’t let your environment do the driving. You need to adjust your environment so that it’s conducive to success. If you listen to your environment without changing it, you can lose hold of your hope inside.

4. Instead of blaming others for your obstacles, take responsibility for finding a solution. Be the leader that can show others how to overcome obstacles both in finding hope and achieving your dream together.

5. Share what hope you have with others. The more you share hope, the stronger it grows within you and around you. Sharing hope also helps you change your environment.
When you live as a leader and shine your hope brightly to the world, you will find true happiness in your life.

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  • Many times in the morning I read your writings for inspiration to start my day, and motivate my week. We need these reminders to focus back on the true source of hope found inside, not outside. I had a realization – I can change the outside economy by changing my inside economy too.

  • After reading this message I resolved to focus on what I can change inside, instead of worrying about the outside. I want to feel more inspired and I realized I was losing energy with all my worrying. So I took a short walk and tried to focus on myself again and make a fresh start today… Thank you for this reminder!

  • Yes! This morning I was feeling run-down. To be a leader for the world I should be the leader of my own life, happy, healthy and peaceful. I will lead my life well today!

  • Thank you Ilchi Lee for this reminder message of how to manage one’s body and brain and life! I will keep reading>

  • Thank you so much. This is such a powerful message for me. I need to read it over and over again to engrain it’s power inside of me. I will create hope for the whole world through living with hope and conviction all of the time!

  • Your messages seem to come at the exact moment when I most need them. I really enjoy bowing meditation to feel and hear the voice of my true nature. During my daily life, especially when I am away from my center, I easily get caught up in my emotions or environment. I must watch myself more and change my old patterns. Thank you for the reminder 😀

  • Thank you for these words of inspiration. I realize I need to adjust my environment instead of letting it drive me. I feel more clarity inside of myself. Thank you!

  • Yes! These are empowering words! I feel this message propels me forward on my journey to an open heart and completely positive mind! Thank you!

  • Thank you for these empowering and inspiring words of wisdom. I will copy and print this so I will remember your powerful words.

  • Wow! Always the perfect message at the perfect time. Thank you for your strong inspiring words. Now, to share with the world!!!! 🙂

  • Tuan Zubaidah Tuan Muda
    October 21, 2010 2:05 am

    Your tips are inspiring. I believe in positive thinking. Likewise, our actions will follow through. The brain is very powerful which controls the body and life like holding a kite against the wind letting go freely yet pulling it against any obstacles. Today I learned from your tips that all these positive things we think and do built us to become leaders in our own lives.


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