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Ilchi lee - Master Your DreamsWhat would happen to your brain if you didn’t sleep for three days? It would become difficult for you to make normal judgments and engage in normal activities. There’s no torture more terrible than sleep deprivation. It’s better to go three days without eating.

Yes, sleep is necessary for our vital activity. Through sleep we can relieve our weariness and solve different forms of stress. But sleep is also very important for our spiritual completion. You can turn sleep into spiritual training by ruling your sleep and making use of your dreams.

Everyone is bound to have dreams once they’ve slept for a while. Dreams are energy effects in our brains—the actions of LifeParticles. Although you may be unaware of it, all of the actions of your brain come from the ceaseless activity of LifeParticles. Dreams are a manifestation of the activity of LifeParticles in your subconscious. They tell you what is happening in that part of your mind. Just as we can learn to control LifeParticles when we are awake, we can learn to control them while we are asleep. We can clean out our subconscious through our dreams, get answers to our problems, and envision the future.

Try this exercise for twenty-one days to gain power over your dreams. Before you go to bed, spend about five minutes writing down a simple description of what you did that day. Record any problems you might have, Then, before you go to sleep, suggest to yourself, “Today I will dream and definitely remember my dreams.” Then when you have a dream, as soon as you open your eyes, record the dream in your notebook. If you can’t remember your dreams, then write about your current state of mind or feelings. Don’t criticize or judge your dreams or intentionally try to dream good dreams.

If you stick to this routine, you will eventually be able to remember from one to five dreams a day. Your head will actually feel clearer from this exercise and your brain will awaken. Solutions to your problems and other information will start to come to you in your dreams. Your dreams may reveal unfamiliar parts of and you’ll see a clearer picture of yourself.

From the deep and wide vantage point of your dreams, you can perceive how you are the creator of all of your present circumstances. This greater perception can wipe away any victim consciousness you have and help you recognize that you are the perpetrator of everything in your life. Then, you can design your life with a sense of responsibility for it and live without resentment and fear.

When you consciously create your dreams and your life, won’t your life become rewarding? I think when you learn to dream what you want and then better manifest it in reality, it will become easier to live for the greater good. Your life will be a blessing and hope to other people and gratitude will naturally come from your heart.

If you try tracking your dreams, learning from them, and even controlling them, I would love to hear about it. Please share your journey with us.

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  • I am going to do this for the whole 21 days and I plan to share with you again how I felt. I have actually recently started catching my dreams. And I can already say that now I remember about two dreams on average and my memory has become clearer. Just in the beginning my heart speaks it’s message of joy to me in the early morning as I get up. And during the day and I feel my connection to myself is more clear. Thank you. I am having fun doing this training.

  • Thank you, I will practice getting the most from my brain!


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