True Power Comes from Nothingness

Most people think they know themselves well. However, on looking deeply within, they discover that their knowledge could be a delusion. Occupying places within their subconscious world are parts of their character that they cannot do anything about, and different ideas that they cannot do anything about.

To gain power over our lives, we need to truly open our eyes and hearts and look at what has made us fearful and what has robbed us of our confidence. The causes are hidden within us. Such influences inside us vanish completely once they are discovered and revealed.

This process of revelation is a process of becoming Nothingness—the Source of deep love and genuine creation. It is going to a zero point and encountering your own divinity—your true self.

But it can only be accomplished with sincerity and devotion. The many thoughts and emotions we have that have lost sincerity and devotion will harm us and others. On the other hand, thoughts and emotions that emerge from our deepest sincerity are truly valuable, precious, and beautiful. If we sincerely take the time to meditate and look inside of ourselves truthfully and regularly, we can purify everything inside of us until we are only left with our divinity. Sincere devotion is something that grows and seeps out from deep inside our hearts, and it is what protects and upholds our divine nature.

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