young woman closing her eyes to the setting sun

Escape from Anguish and Conflict


Many of us are experiencing anguish and conflict nowadays. Money, health, relationships, and ideologies are all showing their limitations.

The Golden Rule of Health

I’d like to introduce a principle that can serve as the cornerstone of your efforts to have better health, whatever…
family eating dinner

Meditation to Connect to Abundance


Your mind can create blessings or disasters, can heal or harm, can bring abundance or absence. It is up to your mind whether the world looks hopeful or hopeless.

4 Ways to Deal with Uncertainty


The future is a wide-open blank space—the great unknown. Especially amid unrest and less stability, that looming question mark can cause stress and anxiety.

woman holding a globe over her head in the desert

How to Bring the World Together


Due to COVID-19, our brains and humankind have experienced an unprecedented shock. However, because of the “pause” of the human world, we’ve come to look back on many things.