Reveal Your Unconditional Value with Daily Mind-Body Training

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We all have value that cannot be diminished. We can feel it and express it by training our bodies and minds to purify our energy.

When we see beautiful people with beautiful-looking lives on social media, or think about the success we hoped to achieve but haven’t yet, we may fall into negative thinking. We may look down on ourselves or even want to hide ourselves from others. We may believe we are not worthy to interact with them or that we are not deserving of recognition or abundance.

However, that’s when we need to do the opposite. We need to reveal our true selves.

Independent of how we compare with others, how healthy we are, how competent we are, or how successful we consider ourselves in life, we have value. It’s the value of our true selves, a value that is absolute and eternally changeless because it comes from the very source of all life. As such, it’s linked with limitless potential that we can access and use.

We can always experience and bring out this absolute value, our true selves. Then, we will feel its energy and consciousness, and we will have the confidence to stand tall in any circumstance. Newsletter signup banner

Raise Our Value with Simple Mind-Body Training

To find and amplify our true value, we train our bodies and minds to clear the thoughts and emotions that cover it. To do this effectively, we can regularly clear and release the energy of stress, thoughts, and emotions that we naturally accumulate every day. It’s like taking a daily energy shower; in fact, I recommend doing it twice a day—as soon as we wake up and right before we sleep.

The training can be as simple as moving for at least one minute in whatever way comes to mind while focusing our attention on our bodies. It’s important to move freely without outside distractions. Close your eyes, focus on your body’s sensations, and start to move. You can tap, shake, stretch, jump, rotate—anything that feels good. As you move, you will become more in touch with your body, deepening the connection between your mind and body. Then, you can get a sense of what your body wants and let your body direct your movement more closely. Our bodies know how to move in order to stay healthy and have clean and clear energy flow. By moving this way, we can become more energized yet relaxed at the same time. We activate and clean our energy, making our bodies warmer and looser and our minds clearer and quicker.

It also allows our true selves and their absolute value to grow. Our true selves reside within our bodies while we’re alive. When we hand the reins of movement over to our bodies, they end up moving in a natural rhythm. We flow with the rhythm of nature, the rhythm of the source of life. Then, we not only remove the thoughts, emotions, and tension we’ve gathered, but we amplify this rhythm and energy inside us until it shines out to all around us.

Release Negativity for Good Dreams and a Better Tomorrow

Ending our day with this kind of mindful movement helps us let go of the stress and emotions of the day to settle our bodies down to sleep. If we hold onto stress or negative information, they will stay in our unconscious mind. Our minds will be busy processing them, and they might even appear in our dreams. Then, bad memories from yesterday will continue into today, and today’s problems will continue into tomorrow. Instead, we can deal with bad memories immediately and take good memories with us.

I suggest clearing our energy at least five minutes before sleeping so that when we open our eyes, we will have new hope, goals, and passion. We will move forward with our true value instead of yesterday’s problems.

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Stick to Healthy Energy Habits

Although sometimes it may be hard and painful, sticking with the training will bring us joy as we feel our value rising. For example, when we create muscle, we may feel pain or discomfort, but when we endure it and exercise anyway, we happily realize we’re developing muscle and strength. In the same way, when we are temperate and work ceaselessly to develop ourselves, although it’s painful, we realize that we’re compensated by joy, giving us the motivation to keep going.

This only happens when we continually develop ourselves. We make no progress when we do it in fits and starts. This applies to everything. When we set a goal and continue toward it, it becomes a habit, and then our value rises. This is “character.”

By steadily tuning into the energy and consciousness of our true selves by training our bodies and minds, the value people see on the outside will come to match the absolute and limitless value we all have within.

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  • Kimberly A Anderson
    May 4, 2024 11:51 am

    I love you Ilchi Lee SSN. Thank you for continuing to inspire us, make us aware of our habits and ways to connect with our true selves every day. No matter what we are faced with. Thank you for being one my spiritual teachers.


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