Discover Your Inner Healing Power with the Love Heals Practice Guide

Love Heals Practice Guide now available for pre-order

Embark on a transformative journey of healing and growth with the upcoming book, Love Heals Practice Guide.

In the intricate maze of modern life, it often feels as though we are searching for answers beyond our reach. When something goes wrong with our bodies or minds, we tend to look to experts or the Internet. Yet, these resources don’t always have the answers we need.

I have found in my work with many people that within us lies a reservoir of wisdom and potential. I first discovered this reservoir many years ago when I met my true self through energy. As I explored and experienced this energy directly, I realized that I am life itself—infinite, immeasurable, complete, and beautiful. I was so moved that I fell in love with myself. This experience also showed me that the great life I felt is my essence and the essence of all people and things in the universe. I believe that when we recognize and embody the absolute value of our true selves, we can change our individual lives and the world as a whole.

Journey to the Love Heals Practice Guide

Sharing this wisdom has been my life’s work, and most recently, that work has led me to co-author the upcoming book, Love Heals Practice Guide: A 21-Day Journey to Personal Transformation, with Ilchibuko Todd. This guide stemmed from the Love Heals Retreat Ilchibuko led as part of the film I produced, LOVE HEALS.

Over the course of the five days of the retreat, Ilchibuko took eighteen participants on a journey back to themselves. They experienced their true selves through energy, embodied principles of energy circulation in the body such as Water Up, Fire Down, and ultimately, learned to love and accept themselves unconditionally. Through this love and acceptance, their physical pain and emotional trauma began to ease. And they gained insight into themselves, seeing answers to the challenges they faced.

After people watch LOVE HEALS, they often wonder how they can find love and healing like the people in the film. Ilchibuko began to lead more retreats at the Sedona Mago Center for Well-being and Retreat. But not everyone can travel to Sedona, so Ilchibuko and I decided to bring the retreat to you.

The Love Heals Practice Guide is a culmination of my years of work as well as Ilchibuko’s more than 20 years of experience leading classes, workshops, and retreats. It offers practical tools for navigating the complex terrain of self-healing. Written in Ilchibuko’s voice, the book radiates her heartfelt dedication and commitment to our healing and personal growth journey. Her authenticity lights the way, steering us toward the profound truths, deep love, and remarkable healing abilities within us. Newsletter signup banner

Join the Journey

The Love Heals Practice Guide lets us harness the incredible potential within us for both physical and emotional well-being. It helps us explore the universal principles of energy and discover how to apply them to heal our bodies and mind. At the core of this path to healing is the practice of self-love. With self-love at its foundation, this guide invites us to unlock a world where healing and growth can flourish.

There is no greater joy or inspiration for me than seeing individuals realize their potential to effect change in their lives and the world. The LOVE HEALS film and this book were created to remind people of the great potential within each of us. The love and creativity we all possess can heal individual and global pain, bridge divisions, and create a new and better future for our planet.

As the Love Heals Practice Guide becomes available for pre-order, I extend a heartfelt invitation for you to embark on this transformative journey with us. Together, let us unlock the boundless potential within ourselves and cultivate a world where healing and growth flourish.

You can learn more about the book and find links to pre-order your copy of the Love Heals Practice Guide at

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