Communication for Happiness

Ilchi-Lee_good-communication_20141127_newsletter_editedEnlightenment, or completion of the soul, are not found somewhere far off, but in our daily lives, within human relationships.

What’s very important for good relationships is communication. To communicate well, you must be connected with the other person, and trust has to develop. You should think of the other person first, instead of only about your own position. Check how you convey information in your linguistic habits and methods of expression. How good have you been making people feel? Can they be open to you?

Connecting with people heart-to-heart is very simple. Communication can happen when your mind is very pure and peaceful. In that state, you can give and receive energy, feel the other person’s mind, and feel your own mind. That’s communication. That’s healing.

To do that, make your mind flexible, immediately, and without missing the right time, say these three things: “Thank you,” “I’m sorry,” and “Help me.” These three come out of honesty, and they require courage.

Those who commune well with the brains around them are happy.


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