Dare to Follow Your Heart in Every Environment

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No matter how comfortable your are, keep moving toward your true self.

Recently, after some deep consideration, I handed my position as the president of the Global Cyber University to another highly qualified individual. While it was a project I had started, I realized that if I wanted to pursue my dream of helping a new humanity be born, I couldn’t be comfortable and stay where I was. I needed to be flexible and find new ways to do so it and new places and people to reach.

So instead, I returned to the park. When I first had a big enlightenment and took on the mission of creating a better world more than forty years ago, I started working with one person in one park. I taught that person mind-body exercises that moved their energy, like the ones I still share today, even in this blog.

In the past few months, I’ve visited parks and Body & Brain centers all around South Korea, then in Spain, and now in France. While meeting many people, I’ve tried to help them in any way I can. Through this, I find the next action I need to take and then the next. I keep moving and intuitively make my way toward my goal.

No matter how hard it is, I try to smile, walk confidently, and make myself 100 percent positive in my thoughts, words, and actions. As I meditate and circulate energy, I receive messages and insights on the direction I need to go in or about what someone needs. I act on those messages as soon as possible, making room for more messages. Newsletter signup banner

Living with Passion and Purpose

Repeatedly practicing this process has given me the confidence that if we don’t let fear, inertia, or uncertainty hold us back from pursuing what our hearts really want, we will reach it. It takes diligence and constancy but it also lets us feel truly alive.

When we dedicate ourselves to fulfilling the wishes of our heart, of our true self that exists beyond our thoughts and emotions, that part of us will grow. Instead of a whisper or a vague feeling, it will become a strong passion that burns brightly for the world.

This is our strength as human beings. It helps us make tough choices even when our emotions and the limitations of our bodies want us to make different ones. It enables us to carry on and find a way even when nothing makes sense.

Being open to pivoting and turning lets us seize the ever-present chance to live a hopeful and uplifting life.

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