Poem: Breath

[Photo by prathanchorruangsak via Envato Elements]

My breath is no longer mine alone,
but that of the universe
of life itself.
My breath is one with the Cosmic Breath
in a dance,
one with the Cosmic Mind
one with the love of heaven and earth.

Here on earth, grasses, trees, clouds
and people come and go.
The whole universe is breathing and dancing
with my breath.
I am no longer the same.

Breathing in I am born as a new being,
breathing out my past of illness and impurities fades away.
Breathing I die and am reborn.
Now I am unafraid of death,
it promises me a rebirth.

Breathing in and out
I come to realize my true being,
my eyes open
to the principle of the universe.

While breathing I become one
with heaven, with the divine.
I and the divine are one by nature,
the same is true of you and I.
Through breathing you and I become one
new and complete.

In the beginning you and I were beings
free of illness,
beyond time and space,
without grief or pain.

Now I realize everything through breathing.
Until now I have not breathed as I should.
I had not breathed in heaven, the universe
nor the holy love
of Father Heaven and Mother Earth.

All that changed.
In breath I become new,
the whole universe opens up
and begins to dance.

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