Do Plan-Do-Check-Act Together

Ilchi Lee - Plan-Do-Check-Act TogetherUsing Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) can be far easier and successful if we can do it with other people. However, meeting someone who really helps one with PDCA, or really motivates one to do PDCA, can be a once in a lifetime stroke of good fortune.

That’s because to help each other requires faith, trust, love, respect, and honesty. It requires putting aside our egos and pride, stripping down our barriers, and facing each other without judgment or bragging. In order to check each other’s progress toward our goals and develop realistic solutions to problems, we need to be able to take constructive criticism gladly and care enough to offer it to someone else.

To cultivate this kind of relationship is difficult because we often interact with each other from our false selves, not the pure heart that lies underneath. We flock to people who are similar to ourselves and don’t stimulate our growth. We also lash out defensively at those who get too close to our insecurities or the things we are unwilling to change.

But we have the ability and responsibility to choose to see the true selves inside us and other people. We just have to believe that it’s there and keep our eyes open. When we can see someone’s true self, we naturally interact with them with faith, love, respect, trust, and honesty. Then we can effectively use PDCA to support each other in achieving our dreams.

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  • Wow! Using PDCA with others equals Hap Shim. What a great tool–thank you!

  • I can see the importance of seeing others for their true self rather than the false ego that can be covering them up. I’ve been working on this in my life and it has improved my relationships with others in profound ways. Thank you

  • I am having 3 hour PDCA training with groups the next to Saturdays. So, this message is very timely for me, thank you!

  • Thank you for this message SSN – and the reminder that each of us has the ability and responsibility to see the True Selves in ourselves and others. This way, we can sincerely help each other through PDCA. I will take this message to my members and help them use PDCA with their own personal goals.

  • I feel like you described me exactly Seuseungnim. I will put much more effort into doing this and I believe that with practice I will work better with others and enjoy it more as well. Thank you.

  • I don’t dream any more. I do PDCA! Thanks~~~


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