Trade Anxiety and Worry with Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA)

Ilchi Lee - alleviate anxiety with PDCAYou have a dream and are committed to making it a reality, but that commitment leaves you riddled with anxiety and worry. But your worry just means you care right?

Maybe. But if you keep being anxious or worried, you’ll block new ideas and drain your energy. By worrying and losing your energy, you can fall into depression, and that’s the wrong way to use your brain. Your brain can become paralyzed by anxiety and worry.

So if you really want to do something, don’t worry about it. Worrying is not helpful at all. It just makes your body unhealthy. Instead, do Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA).

Planning involves relaxing and establishing action steps with a clear mind–quite the opposite of worrying. If you have a good plan, then you don’t need to be anxious. You just need to keep checking, revising your plan, and acting on it, and you’ll be able to take the challenges you meet in stride.

Fill all of your time with PDCA and you won’t have time to worry. With commitment to your dream, ask yourself 24-hours a day: “Am I doing PDCA now? Am I planning? Am I doing what I planned? Am I checking? Am I taking action now?” Then you can achieve anything.

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  • Very helpful! Thank you! ~*~

  • Thank you so much! As I practice PDCA in my daily schedule, I can see that I’m getting better at managing myself. This is the best tool for organization!

  • I feel this is a really important point to check ones commitment to their PDCA. Being worried doesnt truly mean you care, what you do does. This was hard to read because it makes me have to really look at what Im doing and take responsibility for my mind and efforts towards my vision. Thank you.

  • PDCA makes everything so much more fun.Thank you!

  • Love the photo! I have to admit, as awful as it sounds to keep your life that detailed, I get SOOOOOOO much more done when I do PDCA. That coupled with a sense of accomplishment and a manager who feels I’m earning my keep, makes it worth doing.

  • I find this content very practical and so helpful. Thank you very much.

  • Dr. Gerardo C. Guzman
    March 11, 2021 11:46 am

    Excellent advice , this PDCA.
    Thank you 🙏.


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