What Does Your Face Say?

Face Value 

Ichi Lee Face ValueSince the early 6th century BCE face reading has been used in Asia to analyze a person’s character, suitability for certain positions, and physical constitution.

According to face readers, each face is a map of the past, present, and future. Many of the traits seen in the face will change as you grow and develop through life. For instance, no matter what the reader observes, your health at the time is something you create yourself. Inappropriate diet, persistent negative emotions, drugs, toxins, and habitual stress responses may all contribute to lines, congestion, and coloring in the face.

Therefore, what the reader sees as your destiny is merely a reflection and sum of your life choices. Your face is fluid and changing, as is your destiny. It is not written in stone. Ancient sages developed a system based on a very important principal that we often forget: each individual is the master of his or her destiny!

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