Finding Inspiration in Fungus

large fungus on tree

In the woods around the Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa in the beautiful Catskill region of New York, I discovered a magnificent tree that inspired me so much that I named it “Mago Tree.” This tree really beams with the spirit of Mago, Mother Earth. On the tree, sprouting out near the first splitting of its branches, was a large, round, solitary mushroom. As soon as I saw it, an electric thrill ran through my body. Its shape and color were exquisitely lovely; it was so wondrous and sacred that just from looking at it, the flower of my soul bloomed in my heart. I sensed that tremendous good luck is coming for 2016.

That’s why I named the mushroom, “Bokbon Hwangchil Mushroom.” Bokbon means the return of each person to our purest selves and the beginning of a new spiritually-conscious civilization on earth. Hwangchil is a tree with healing properties that helps revive and strengthen our own natural healing power. It helps create Water Up, Fire Down energy circulation in our body, which is our healthiest energy state. The Bokbon Hwangchil Mushroom is an emergence of health, happiness, and peace from the tree of life.

Looking at this mushroom, I could feel the wonder of life and the breath of Mother Mago all at once, and I could hear Mago’s message. Within that, I felt that I am nature, and I could feel the return to my soul and divinity—the actualization of my most natural self.

Through the Bokbon Hwangchil Mushroom, I intuited that the time has come for the bokbon of humankind. Recovering the divinity and humanity of humans and incorporating that work into our everyday life—that is the greatest value that a human being can pursue.

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