Hope Message: Shine through Your Black Spots

bright sunJust because we learn the sun has black spots, is it suddenly not the sun anymore? Just like the sun, we all have some weak points. And just like the sun shining through the universe, we each have much to offer, despite our flaws.

Our black spots do not change our true nature, so do not be ashamed of them. Our true nature is like the sun which blazes brilliantly in spite of its black spots. Although it has black spots, it never hides its brilliant face in shame.

If you know someone whose life has been stained with small spots, shine brilliantly for her until she knows that she is a sun herself in spite of them. Be her beautiful dream.

When we disseminate the beauty of our innermost being sincerely and truthfully, we all can be bright lights that shine on everyone. Our bright light will give hope to the world.

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