Illuminating Solitude with Clear Vision

Life is a lonely journey.
From birth to death, it is a lone journey.
Ilchi Lee Illuminated SolitudePeople, places, things come and go.
A large part of life’s challenging moments
Must be endured and overcome
With independence.
Such is the fate that no one can escape.

But for an enlightened being,
Who knows the true inherent value of life,
Loneliness can shine brightly.
A star shines alone yet illuminates
The world with its brightness.
Solitude that has a dream and vision
Resembles a shining star.

A life that tries to satiate never-ending desire
Will never be able to satisfy its endless wants.
Such method cannot be a solution to existential loneliness.
Such loneliness is hard to endure in a life that does not know its purpose.

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